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Cocktail Culture: Upgrade Your Manhattan With This Maple Concoction


Cozy up to this fall-inspired cocktail

We love the brisk hit of cold air that Fall brings to our cocktail palette. A welcome to even more cocktails that tend to favor spirits from the dark side, or imbibing doses of scotch and bourbon neat just gives us the warm and fuzzies… literally. To highlight these spirited tastes of the Fall, we hooked up with Fado Irish Pub in Buckhead to sample some of their new seasonally-inspired cocktails that you can make at right home for snuggly drinking in front of the fire. Stay toasty y’all.


Hot Irishman Whiskey

What’s St. Paddy’s Day without a Hot Irishman…

Springtime and warmer weather may be the “Pot O’Gold” many St. Patrick’s Day festival goers and bar-hoppers seek out. You might celebrate at a destination location or gathering with friends at your home. Either way, there is an attainable treasure for you to find inside every bottle of The Irishman Whiskey.


St. Patrick’s Day 2012

Image Detail

You’ve got to ask yourself one question: “Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?”

Ah, who doesn’t love a Clint Eastwood quote? And, hey, he’s part Irish too. And, if he lived in Atlanta, I’m certain he’d be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by eating Irish food and guzzling many, many beers in one of the numerous restaurants and pubs in Atlanta. Read on to see why…


Single Malt & Scotch Whisky Extravaganza

It’s a secret society…with kilts.

With beer festival season in full swing, it can be difficult to break out of the routine of monthly hoppy extravaganzas. And while we’ve had brew on the brain in recent weeks, we want to take a special moment to recognize the encompassing world of whisky.


Atlanta Labor Day Planner

Fun , foodie events for the whole family…

Ah, Labor Day — the bittersweet end of summer made better only by knowing football season is just around the corner. What better way to enjoy the last hurrah of summer than by eating, drinking, and enjoying yourself? Read on for our favorite food-centric ways to celebrate…


Tales of the Cocktail 2011

I came…I saw…I drank…a lot.

Yes. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was the summer of 2011 in New Orleans, Louisiana. A strong, proud, and steadfast city tested by nature over the years with residents embodying the true testament of resilience in the face of adversity. On this true journey of self-discovery the city welcomed me with open arms and introduced me to a mistress named Tales of the Cocktail.


National Scotch Day 2011

There is no such thing as a bad whisky…

“Some whiskies just happen to be better than others.” William Faulkner couldn’t have been more right. Today the center of the libation world revolves around the best thing to come out of Scotland since The Highlander. That was based on a true story ya know. Yes. I’m talking about Scotch whisky. So raise your glass with me in a toast to celebrate National Scotch Day! Kilt optional.


Drink of the Week: The Pickleback


I’m bringing pickleback…

Ah, the pickleback, quite possibly my favorite shot of all time. What’s a pickleback, you say? Well, it’s a two-part situation: a shot of whiskey, chased by a shot of pure pickle juice. Yes, you heard me correctly – pickle juice. The pickle brine magically blots out any bite you might get from the alcohol, so all you’re left with is the smooth deliciousness of the whiskey and the saltiness of the pickle juice.


The Perfect Drink for the 4th of July

The American Sweetheart

Whiskey is truly an American liquor. Don’t believe us? Listen to that Don McLean song, “American Pie” (“…Them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye, and singin’, this’ll be the day that I die…”)  You can’t argue with Don. As such, the perfect drink to celebrate American independence must include whiskey. So, we present to you the “American Sweetheart” cocktail.  Shake together one ounce each of bourbon whiskey and Southern Comfort, a dash of dry vermouth, sour mix to taste, and serve it up in a rocks glass. One sip and you’ll be shouting, “Oh! Sweet land of liberty!” Enjoy.
*For other 4th of July food and drink ideas, check out our 4th of July Planner.

The Irish Breakfast Shot : Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day

Shots! Shots! Shots!

No doubt you’ll hear that phrase a time or two if you’re out drinking and celebrating this St. Patrick’s Day. And, if you are so inclined to forego the green beer and instead throw back a shot or two, our pick for the perfect shot is The Irish Breakfast. It’s one shot of half Irish Whiskey and half butterscotch schnapps, followed immediately by one shot of pure orange juice, which is finally followed by some crispy bacon. Between the butterscotch, the juice, and the bacon, the taste is similar to dragging your bacon through the syrup from your pancakes.  And doesn’t Irish Whiskey make breakfast more fun? We think so.

For more ways to celebrate today, check out our St. Pat’s Day post on where to get your Irish on.

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