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A Toast to National Tequila Day with Clase Azul

You don’t shoot this tequila…you savor it.

National liquor days are the perfect excuse to celebrate your favorite brands, no matter what day of the week it is. Which is exactly why I’m excited to celebrate National Tequila Day 2012 with Clase Azula Tequilas.


Avion Tequila

Elevate your taste in tequila this summer…

Nothing says summer like a tall, refreshing margarita. Thoughts of sitting on a porch or beach with this cold beverage in hand just feels right. Whether you enjoy yours tart with salt encompassing the rim or sweet with a halo of sugar, the most important ingredient to its overall success lies in the tequila used to make it.


Cinco de Mayo Celebration

You’re gonna need a good excuse to call in Friday…

While it holds little significance to our neighbors across the border, we as Americans celebrate wholeheartedly Cinco de Mayo as a day of Mexican heritage and pride.


National Margarita Day 2011

Feliz Dia de Margarita Nacional

Or as we say here…Happy National Margarita Day!  This lively cocktail can be traced back to the early 1930’s and has been making revelers pucker their lips and squint their eyes ever since.  So what kind of margarita are you?


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