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Cafe 640

A change in name, not a change in quality…

Cafe di Sol may be called Cafe 640 now, but thankfully, you’ll still find the same great food and drinks and what is quite possibly one of the best patios for people watching in Atlanta. The view of N. Highland Avenue is a steady stream of joggers, moms pushing babies in strollers, droves of cyclers, and a handsome hipster or two headed to the art gallery next door.


The Shed at Glenwood

Friendly neighborhood eatery continues to please…

You can’t just go around telling everyone you ate chicken hearts. You have to choose your audience wisely. My foodie friend immediately asked about the texture, but my sister’s response was, “Do you mean…the heart of a chicken? Please say no, please say no. You must mean chicken nuggets shaped like hearts.”


Hooray for Victory Sandwich Bar!

Victory Sandwich Bar

Victory! Victory! That’s our cry! V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!  (That’s a cheer, ya know). You, too, might feel like doing a little cheer when you enter Victory Sandwich Bar.  And I won’t fault you if you add a toe touch or cartwheel as well.  Oh, I’ll make fun of you, but I won’t fault you.


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