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Van Gogh Vodka Give A Damn Martini

Frankly Scarlet…we give a damn.

As a part of their Cocktails Without Prejudice Campaign, Van Gogh Vodka is proud to introduce the Give a Damn Martini. The campaign, in conjunction with Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Fund, was launched in 2010 to inspire straight people to “give a damn” about LGBT equality.


Atlanta Spots to Let it Linger


Do you have to, do you have to let it linger? Why, yes.

While bar-hopping all over town is a noble pursuit with many rewards, it can be just as amusing to nestle into one spot for the night and watch how it morphs over the course of an evening. Efficient partygoers know how to fulfill all their debaucherous needs in one place. Settle in for dinner first, then head over to the party side of the joint and get your groove on. Read on for some one-stop spots for all your entertainment needs.


Cafe 640

A change in name, not a change in quality…

Cafe di Sol may be called Cafe 640 now, but thankfully, you’ll still find the same great food and drinks and what is quite possibly one of the best patios for people watching in Atlanta. The view of N. Highland Avenue is a steady stream of joggers, moms pushing babies in strollers, droves of cyclers, and a handsome hipster or two headed to the art gallery next door.


Atlanta’s Best Espresso Martinis

We love a classic vodka martini, served freezing cold and slightly dirty. But sometimes we need a bit of a change…and a caffeinated pick-me-up never hurts. Enter the Espresso Martini. Read on to discover our picks for the most delectable combinations of booze and bean.


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