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Cocktail Culture: Upgrade Your Manhattan With This Maple Concoction


Cozy up to this fall-inspired cocktail

We love the brisk hit of cold air that Fall brings to our cocktail palette. A welcome to even more cocktails that tend to favor spirits from the dark side, or imbibing doses of scotch and bourbon neat just gives us the warm and fuzzies… literally. To highlight these spirited tastes of the Fall, we hooked up with Fado Irish Pub in Buckhead to sample some of their new seasonally-inspired cocktails that you can make at right home for snuggly drinking in front of the fire. Stay toasty y’all.


Cocktail Culture: A Little Bit Hemingway


Start a new chapter in your libation book

This delightfully sweet and sour rum cocktail comes courtesy of our friends at Ink and Elm, North Druid Hills’ newest craft cocktail destination.


The Lovelady aka Hanky Panky


Get acquainted with this sexy cocktail

One of Atlanta’s newest hidden gems is Ink and Elm located in Emory Village. By far one of the most intriguing and sexiest restaurants I’ve every been to, the design aesthetic blends the tenants of Druid Hills architect Frederick Law Olmsted (who also planned and developed Central Park in NYC).


Things May Get Wickedly Naughty This Halloween

This is one Wicked Vixen…

Ok. So you’ve got your Halloween costume all set. Guys, you’ve grown out your beard all month in preparation to be Wolverine…or maybe Alan from The Hangover. Ladies, you’ve gone to great lengths to make a “sexy” version of every profession and monster known to man. You deserve a great Halloween-inspired cocktail. And we’ve got just the trick…or treat using one of our favorite new vodkas, Vixen Vodka. Boo-yah!


A Celebration of National Rum Day with Ron Abuelo

Yo ho ho and a bottle…

Now this is one liquor holiday that gets me excited. Well they all do, but that’s neither here nor there. Today we celebrate National Rum Day 2012 with Ron Abuelo Rums. So whether you’re of the Tiki mindset and love your Mai Tais and Swizzles, enjoy lounging on the beach with your Daiquiris and Mojitos, or do things down and dirty with simply a splash of Coke and lime, you’ll definitely want a bottle of this dark nectar by your side.


A Toast to National Tequila Day with Clase Azul

You don’t shoot this tequila…you savor it.

National liquor days are the perfect excuse to celebrate your favorite brands, no matter what day of the week it is. Which is exactly why I’m excited to celebrate National Tequila Day 2012 with Clase Azula Tequilas.


Celebrate Sailor Jerry Day by Looking ‘Forward to the Past’

Ahoy Matey! June 12th is Sailor Jerry Day!

You may want to brush up on your sailor speak, because June 12th is ‘Sailor Jerry Day’. What is Sailor Jerry Day you might ask? It is the day William Grant & Sons takes to commemorate the life and times of Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins, the hard-living Navy tattoo artist for which its popular 92 proof rum is inspired upon.


Van Gogh Vodka Give A Damn Martini

Frankly Scarlet…we give a damn.

As a part of their Cocktails Without Prejudice Campaign, Van Gogh Vodka is proud to introduce the Give a Damn Martini. The campaign, in conjunction with Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Fund, was launched in 2010 to inspire straight people to “give a damn” about LGBT equality.


Bacardi Oakheart

The groove is in the heart…

As summer comes to a triumphant close, we can only look forward to fall looming right around the corner. The leaves begin their subtle change, cooler weather seeps its way into our hearts, and we trade in the comfort of poolside for the coziness of fireside. So what will you be drinking this fall season when the mercury begins to dip?


Drink of the Week: Back to School Edition


Allow us to school you…

Perhaps, like us, you’ve noticed a bit more traffic on the roads as of late. Perhaps you’ve been stuck behind a slow-moving school bus. Or perhaps you’ve seen some youngsters scurrying down the sidwalk with backpacks and lunch boxes. Yes, it’s that time of year again, and school is back in session. And what better way to combat that added school traffic than with throwing back a drink or two after work? And for that, we suggest The Lunch Box. It’s an interesting mix of orange juice, amaretto liqueur, and beer — refreshing and delightfully boozy.

The Lunch Box

2 1/2 oz beer
2 1/2 oz orange juice
1 shot amaretto almond liqueur

Mix the beer and orange juice in a glass, drop the shot of ameretto in, then bottoms up! A variation is to mix all three ingredients together in one glass. Either way, it’s pure deliciousness.

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