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The Breakup Guide: Poncey-Highland Edition

Breaking up is hard to do…

Everyone has been through the pain of a breakup, and we all cope in different ways. I like to cut back on drinking, get plenty of sleep and eat healthy. (And if you believe that, then you don’t know me at all.) Many things can ease a broken heart, but surely we can all agree that booze and sugar help. And personally, when I’m down in the dumps, the last thing I want to do is get behind the wheel. As such, below are my favorite spots in the Poncey-Highland area for healing a broken heart. And by healing, I mean overindulging in food and alcohol.


Eats and Beats at P’cheen

P’cheen is p’charming

P’cheen is one of those rare beasts that manages to morph itself from elegant eatery by day, into a hip, after-hours lounge by late night. Normally when a restaurant attempts that feat, either the food or the bar scene is lacking. Not so with P’cheen.


Grindhouse Killer Burgers Soft Opening Party

You will kill for these burgers…

The only thing soft about Grindhouse’s soft opening on Monday night, was that creamy pimento cheese…because everything else was hardcore. They really do make a killer burger. Oh, and that pimento cheese — it’s perfect — the right texture of cheese, small chunks of peppers, the perfect amount of spice, and still creamy and gooey.


A Sneak Peek Inside the New Grindhouse Killer Burgers!

Women cry for it! Men die for it!

With a slogan like that, you know Grindhouse is all about good food and good fun. We were lucky enough to get a behind-the-scenes peek inside the new Grindhouse location in Piedmont Heights this weekend, and we must say we’re pretty excited about it. The interior design is just as killer as the burgers, and with ample seating, huge bar, and an enormous patio, there’s not a bad seat in the joint.


Atlanta’s Best Espresso Martinis

We love a classic vodka martini, served freezing cold and slightly dirty. But sometimes we need a bit of a change…and a caffeinated pick-me-up never hurts. Enter the Espresso Martini. Read on to discover our picks for the most delectable combinations of booze and bean.


The Family Dog Debut

Hey good lookin’… come here often?

When the new local “watering hole” opens, people typically head down to have a drink and check it out when they get around to it. If you’re Chef Ron Eyester (of Rosebud fame) & partner Jason Chenette, then that simply won’t do. Enter The Family Dog, the newest addition to the Morningside family offering patrons a cozy eatery complete with creative farm-to-table cuisine and devilishly good libations.


The Highlander

Midtown Mainstay Continues to Please…

The Highlander was featured on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives,” but they haven’t let it go to their heads. They’re still as relaxed and laid back as ever. They’ve been an Atlanta staple for years, and for good reason. Besides the huge patio and convenient midtown location, they have great food and serve it until the wee hours of the morning. Go on a Tuesday night, throw down a measly twenty dollar bill, and in return you’ll receive plate after plate of steaming hot crab legs – all you can eat, until they run out. If you insist on not liking seafood (crazy!), try the Jamaican jerk chili instead; it’s a big bowl of spicy Jamaican love.  Or if you haven’t had your recommended daily intake of delicious, order the “Pasta-Rella” sticks – mozzarella sticks wrapped in pasta then deep fried. Awww yeah. Just don’t bring the kids. This is a 21 and up establishment, all day, all the time. You know what that means. Party time.

The Highlander | 404.872.0060 | 931 Monroe Drive | Atlanta, Georgia 30308
Highlander on Urbanspoon

The Do-Gooder’s Guide to Dining Out in Atlanta

My! What a big heart you have!

Have you ever left a restaurant feeling guilty for splurging on the expensive, aged bourbon, or ordering that decadent dessert, or finishing your entire porterhouse (and some of your dining companion’s too)? Well, fear not. Atlanta has several restaurants where you can eat and drink until your indulgent little heart is content and feel no guilt about it. Read on to see how to dine out for the good of us all…


The Irish Breakfast Shot : Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day

Shots! Shots! Shots!

No doubt you’ll hear that phrase a time or two if you’re out drinking and celebrating this St. Patrick’s Day. And, if you are so inclined to forego the green beer and instead throw back a shot or two, our pick for the perfect shot is The Irish Breakfast. It’s one shot of half Irish Whiskey and half butterscotch schnapps, followed immediately by one shot of pure orange juice, which is finally followed by some crispy bacon. Between the butterscotch, the juice, and the bacon, the taste is similar to dragging your bacon through the syrup from your pancakes.  And doesn’t Irish Whiskey make breakfast more fun? We think so.

For more ways to celebrate today, check out our St. Pat’s Day post on where to get your Irish on.

Atlanta’s Best Bars for March Madness

He shoots! He scores!

Apart from the blanket of yellow pollen currently covering our fair city, what’s not to love about March in Atlanta?  Plenty of sunshine, warmer temperatures, and best of all…constant basketball games. Grab your buddies and your brackets and belly up to these bars for prime basketball action and delicious libation-swilling.


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