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Good things come in small packages…

Someone once said that appetizers are the little things you keep eating until you lose your appetite. And with the varied appetizers and small plates around town, it may very well be true. One can easily make an entire meal by sampling from the small plates on a menu. Read on for some of my personal favorites.

Holeman and Finch

As a true Southerner, I’ll pretty much take deviled eggs any way I can, but the best way is Holeman and Finch’s Deviled Eggs Three Ways…those three ways being lamb bacon, sriracha, and green tomato. Absolutely delicious (and hard to share.)

Holeman and Finch | 2277 Peachtree Road | Atlanta, GA 30309 | 404.948.1175
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I’m an adventurous eater, but I’m no foodie. That translates into this: I will try things like sweetbreads, but I may have to try to forget the fact I’m eating the thymus gland a cow. (Because, eww.) Oh, but Abattoir. How easily you make me forget. Your richly caramelized veal sweetbreads, served with tart plums and the most buttery-sweet onions I’ve ever had are to die for. Also, can we all agree that sweetbreads maybe the most misleading name ever?

Abattoir | 1170 Howell Mill Road | Atlanta, GA 30318 | 404.892.3335

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Sometimes perfection lies in simplicity, and that’s the case with Serpas’ house salad: fresh greens, creamy goat cheese, candied pecans, all doused with a “blistered grape” vinaigrette.

Serpas | 659 Auburn Avenue | Atlanta, GA 30312 | 404.688.0040
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Victory Sandwich Bar

Hummus is a relative staple on many a bar menu, but Victory adds a Southern spin with their creamy black eyed pea hummus. I don’t know why, but for some reason I expected the black eyed pea flavor to be masked with spices, but it wasn’t, which is great. (If you like black eyed peas.)

Victory Sandwich Bar | 280 Elizabeth St | Atlanta, GA 30307 | 770.676.7287 
Victory Sandwich Bar on Urbanspoon

Woo Nam Jeong Stone Bowl House


I’ll eat anything in pancake form. Fried batter? Don’t mind if I do! So I felt sure I’d dig on the seafood pancake at Woo Nam Jeong. Oh boy, was I right. The moist, egg-y batter is studded with green shards of onions and bits of crab, fish, and squid, and served with a salty-sweet sesame seed sauce.

Woo Nam Jeong Stone Bowl House | 5953 Buford Hwy | Atlanta, GA | 678.530.0844
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The Shed at Glenwood

I just can’t act as if eating a heart is completely normal.  It almost seems slightly pagan ritual-like or something. But I’m here to tell you, it’s okay to eat hearts. Okay? I mean, if you like chicken livers, you’ll love chicken hearts. And if you like chicken hearts, you’ll love them at The Shed. They’re pan fried in a rich sauce and served with an “egg in a basket”  — a thick slice of brioche toast with an runny egg nestled in the center. The hearts are tender and firm and taste like a cross between a chicken liver and roast beef. In other words, delicious. In fact, I was apparently so distracted by their deliciousness, that I forgot to take a picture of them.

The Shed at Glenwood | 475 Bill Kennedy Way | Atlanta, GA 30315 | 404.835.4363
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Hand in Hand

Liver on toast may not sound like a sexy dish, but trust me on this one — it is good. This chunky, egg-y concoction spread over toasted bagettes goes great with a pint of beer and Hand in Hand’s breezy patio. Insider tip: Stop by on a Monday when all food items are half off.

Hand in Hand | 752 N Highland Ave NE | Atlanta, GA 30306 | 404.872.1001
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