5 Nightmare-Inducing Halloween Attractions

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Your guide to getting scared shitless in Atlanta

For your blood-curdling pleasure we’ve rounded up five of the most intense, fear-inducing haunted house attractions to ensure your Halloween is a memorable journey to the darkside. From mysterious relics opening the gates of Hell at Atlantic Station, to walking through someone’s personal pleasure torture chamber, here’s hoping you make it through these five terror-filled attractions.


The attraction that redefined the haunted house genre in Atlanta is also the most-anticipated every year as the special effects and creative teams behind the Norcross horror shop craft ground-breaking, Hollywood-style fear campaigns that’ll give you nightmares for years to come.


Bringing the scares ITP, this 25,000 square foot Atlantic Station attraction takes you through a maze of haunted shipping containers each outfitted with denizens of the dark that will chainsaw wield, electrify and acid dip unsuspecting victims into submission.

Chambers of Horror

As if the Masquerade already wasn’t scary enough on a normal night, they’ve imagined a wildy-intense post-apocalyptic nightmare in Old Fourth Ward full of psychopaths, torture rooms and life-altering scenarios that make gory trysts like Saw and Hostel look like a Weekend at Bernies.


This Roswell fright fest marches you through two bone-chilling experiences called The Underground and Body Farm (which we can only imagine what they harvest there), both devised by the other-worldly Orlock, a demonic machination and master of torture and pleasure… but mostly torture.


After a four year hiatus, the Smyrna scare outfit is back with a brand new haunting experience that brings you face to face with ghosts, demons and the spirit of a creepy little girl ready to offer up your soul to here new “friends”. Tread lightly.

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    OMG, I went to Creepers two Saturdays ago. My life aint been the same since.

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