I Spirit Vodka

Italian vodka…yes, we’re quite serious…

Imagine that you’ve been invited to a traditional Italian dinner. The spread is wrought with artisanal cheeses, breads, meats, and pastas. Basically you’re dining at the Louis Restaurant from The Godfather, sans the murder and violence. The waiter brings out a tall teardrop-shaped bottle of a brilliantly crystal spirit. In utter disbelief that no wine is being served at the Italian feast, you’re even more shocked to find the crystal spirit adorned in a bed of freshly-picked cherry tomatoes, aromatic basil, and assorted wild berries. The waiter explains that this is the I Spirit Vodka tasting experience, and that your world is about to be forever changed.


Positioning itself as The Original Italian Vodka, I Spirit Vodka is a far cry from the distilled Russian spirit we’ve come to know and love. The project, developed in cooperation between Arrigo Cipriani of the world-renown Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy, Fiat brand ambassador Lapo Elkann, wine distiller Marco Fantinel, and Venetian entrepreneur Francesco Cosulich, hopes to meld the Italian flavors of yesterday and today.


I Spirit Vodka is produced in Friuli, Italy by obtaining the highest quality cereals, white wines, and crystal-clear spring water distilled five times until it reaches the pinnacle of quality. Although I Spirit is fine complement to typical vodka cocktails, it truly shines on its own with warm finish that goes down velvety smooth even when served at the prescribed 6°C. This well-developed flavor profile added a new dimension when paired with the recommended fruits, vegetables, and aromatics.


So save the Russian vodka for the bitter winter soon to head our way and enjoy what the Italians are offering this fall season. I Spirit Vodka isn’t available in the Georgia market yet, but can be ordered online at Astor Wines. Check out these two cocktail recipes to start you on the road to enjoying vodka like the Italians.


Vodka Collins

  • 4/5 I Spirit Vodka
  • 1/5 Lemon Juice
  • 1/2 Sugar Teaspoon
  • Add carbonated water, slices of orange and lemon, black cherry






Vodka Gimlet

  • 2/3 I Spirit Vodka
  • 1/3 Lime Juice
  • 1 Teaspoon of Powdered Sugar








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**Full disclosure: Since I Spirit Vodka isn’t available in the Georgia market as of yet, we were sent a bottle for review by our friends at Colangelo & Partners Public Relations in NY.

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