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What’s St. Paddy’s Day without a Hot Irishman…

Springtime and warmer weather may be the “Pot O’Gold” many St. Patrick’s Day festival goers and bar-hoppers seek out. You might celebrate at a destination location or gathering with friends at your home. Either way, there is an attainable treasure for you to find inside every bottle of The Irishman Whiskey.


I asked Donal O’Gallachoir, Brand Manager for The Irishman Whiskey where it all began. Many agree that sometime in the sixth century, Irish Monks learned of the distilling process and Irish Whiskey was born. The word whiskey comes from the Gaelic uisge, a shortened version of uisge beatha meaning “water of life”. Medieval Monks held whiskey in high regard as they believed it to be “medicine.”


In the 1800’s, Irish Whiskey was king. Over 90% of the world’s whiskey was Irish, and the most demanded was pure pot still whiskey. Taxes, the Irish Civil War, World War I, Trade Wars and Prohibition took its toll. Almost every one of the over 2000 distilleries in Ireland were closed, destroyed, or fell into disrepair. The 1960’s and 1970’s brought the rise of Irish Whiskey again. Beverage Dynamics Magazine Jan/Feb 2012 states, “Growth continues unabated as major players invest in this category.” The Irishman became one of the fastest growing brands for 2010-2011. But enough of the history lesson. You can read more about the history of Irish Whiskey here.


On two separate occasions, I had the opportunity to dine and imbibe with native Irishman Donal O’Gallachoir. First thing you notice about him…the true Irish accent. Then you’ll notice how polite, down to earth, and passionate he is about Irish Whiskey. The taste test: Donal is an experienced salesman as I checked up on him before we met. I never witnessed his salesmanship, all he had to do was pour and let the water of life speak for itself. I now have another favorite Irish Whiskey that I enjoy and highly recommend. An interesting bit of bottle style history Donal let me in on was that in the pre-1920’s all high-end, pure pot stilled whiskey was packaged in a bell-shaped bottle. This was a distinction of class for whiskey (and whisky) at the time and still holds true for some brands today.


The Irishman is quite the experience. I sampled the Single Malt (just over 6,000 bottles available globally every year), the Cask Strength (only 600 bottles available in the U.S.A.), and their awesome Irish Cream, placing The Hot Irishman on my drinking agenda for St. Paddy’s Day. The Hot Irishman has blended the finest ingredients for Irish Coffee, 100% Irish Whiskey, dark roast Colombian coffee and rich Irish brown sugar. All you do is add boiling water and top with cream to create the perfect Irish Coffee. It couldn’t be simpler.


By all means start your St. Patrick’s celebration off with your favorite Irish beer. This year perhaps you will include a fine Irish Whiskey, Irish Cream and Irish Coffee during your celebration. You can typcially find Donal sipping rare Irish Whiskey, conducting research at the Marlay House. Be sure to say hello and Like him on Facebook.

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Gregg Jarahian is a Atlanta-based Marketing and Social Media professional. He’s fond of libations, tasty food and friends to share them both with. Follow him @Greggarious1.
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  • Whiskey Gil

    great piece. I really dug the the history of Whiskey.

    • Tower Atlanta

      Thank you Gil, glad you enjoyed the post and the history. I would like to highlight both past and present i my posts when I have the opportunity to contribute again.

  • Beth

    Glad Gregg’s getting a chance to speak—so knowledgeable
    about alcohol.

  • Brian

     Nice one Gregg. The Hot Irishman is a brilliant idea and has been added to my shopping list.

    • Tower Atlanta

      I definitely recommend the Single Malt and be on the lookout for the Rare Cask strength.

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