Chef Suzanne Vizethann Opens Her Own Mystery Basket with Buttermilk Kitchen

The Hungry Peach finally has a place to call home…

Chef Suzanne Vizethann, a recent winner on the Food Network competition series Chopped will begin serving breakfast and lunch daily at her new restaurant concept Buttermilk Kitchen opening today in North Buckhead. Chef Suzanne’s philosophy is to utilize local ingredients and educate guests on sourcing and sustainable preparation methods. Buttermilk Kitchen literally has and open-door policy and encourages guests to journey into the kitchen to view the chefs in their element and ask questions. While attending a recent preview, I did just that.
As one who has worked in many kitchens where customers are not permitted, I found the culinary staff extremely friendly and eager to interact. This may present challenges during an actual meal service, however I do like the concept of “friends gathering in the kitchen”. I’ll be back when they are open to check this feature out along with ordering from the full menu. Before venturing out on her own to create The Hungry Peach, Suzanne worked under Chef Richard Blais and Chef Eli Kirshtein.

Concept & Design

Chef Vizethann worked in 18 kitchens in 15 months and desired a restaurant where she could showcase all the best parts of the establishments she researched. Suzanne came up with name Buttermilk Kitchen. Buttermilk is the actual liquid that remains from churning butter. The kitchen is based on the philosophy that nothing goes to waste. Everything possible is made from scratch which is around 95%, even the butter and lard, according to Vizethann. The same philosophy applies in the design: Restore and reclaim the space as much as possible. Begin with a home believed to be built in 1930. When the sheet-rock was removed, the original front windows were discovered. Look just behind the bar and you can see they have been cleaned up, painted and are literally your window to the open kitchen. Corrugated metal from a salvage yard becomes wall covering. Shutters become the ceiling and shelves. Salvaged wood builds the bar and overhead olive picking baskets become lamp shades. Curtains and chair coverings are burlap bags that were previously filled with coffee beans. The entire design came directly from Suzanne and her contractor Phil. She was invested every step of the way.


Snacks presented upon the bar and tables: candied nuts, pimento cheese, red pepper jelly and pickles. At the bar, Vinho Verde, Miller High Life and SweetWater Georgia Brown. Jeremy Miller, Chef at STK, manned the bar debuting his all natural sodas and Suzanne announced that Buttermilk is Jeremy’s first customer. Jeremy treated us to ice cream floats with ice cream made from scratch at Buttermilk Kitchen. As attendees were invited inside the kitchen, two signature dishes were served. Mini sriracha and beer-braised hotdogs with SweetWater Georgia Brown, topped with house made green tomato relish and ketchup. More like a delicious kielbasa nestled in a H&F roll. Bread making has not been mastered yet, but is in the works. Dad’s Waffle is a rare, seared hamburger on a sourdough waffle with maple syrup and butter. No wonder this is Suzanne’s fathers’ favorite breakfast and he wants it every Fathers day. This is outstanding! Her dad had a huge effect on Vizethann’s career and helped shape her as a person so she wanted to dedicate a menu item to him. You can’t enjoy home-made sourdough waffles made with a 104 year old starter just anywhere. The waffles here are extremely special!Tuesdays, beginning in late October, head to the Buttermilk Kitchen Fried Chicken Dinner Night! The idea is to provide a great meal while supporting local GrassRoots Farms owner Brandon Chonko.

First Impression

The snacks were fantastic, the cakes on display were a tease and who doesn’t enjoy a fried chicken dinner? Chef Suzanne, Conner and all the the staff were kind, polite and gracious. The space is lively and I’m excited and curious to explore the menu and Tuesday nights. To quote The Hungry Peach web site, “simple, fresh, fun, just the way we like it!”. I agree. Buon Appetito!

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