DO Try This at Home: Citrus Thyme Chocolate Toffee


Because everything’s better with butter. Even butter.

If you follow the tweets from @katiemanderson or @whiskawaynic, you probably find yourself craving whatever tantalizing concoctions the sisters are whisking up.  It happened to me just last weekend when I heard mention of a tangerine thyme chocolate chip cookie the foodie duo were selling at the Atlanta Underground Food Market. I decided to try my hand at the flavor combination in the form of toffee (my personal obsession.) Toffee is such a simple recipe, and so easy to tweak. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. Cook two sticks of butter, one cup of sugar, and the zest of two oranges and a lemon over medium heat until it turns a golden, nutty brown, or until a candy thermometer reaches about 300 degrees. Once the butter and sugar mixture is done and has cooled a minute (not too long), add a couple of tablespoons of fresh thyme, then pour into a sheet pan and let cool. Finally, drizzle some milk chocolate on top and devour. The citrus and thyme combination is just heavenly…and very springtimey, for lack of a better (or actual) word. To see what other culinary delights Katie and Nicole are cooking up, check out their website.

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