Atlanta Food Bloggers Roll Sushi For Charity

This Is The Way We Roll by Chris Watkins 7

Saving the world one sushi roll at a time…

I’m far from a classically trained chef, let alone my mastery of bowling water is somewhere between novice and “where does the pot go?”. I just tend to prefer the portion of the process that allows me to devour the finished product, so I was quite shocked when Midtown wasabi warehouse Ra Sushi asked me to create a sushi roll.


FlyBarre Challenge, Week 3: Getting Past the Hump

Pinching Fat

This “hump” isn’t of the Wednesday variety…

We’re in week three of classes, meaning the initial novelty of the Challenge has worn off, and it’s time to find new inspiration and motivation to get to the mat. Some of us got just that when we saw the results of our mid-challenge measurement.


Shaken or Stirred: An EDR Guide to National Vodka Day


It’s a celebration!

Your day just got exponentially better. Yes, it’s the start of the weekend (congrats on that), but it’s also National Vodka Day. October 4th is the day to appreciate the world’s most versatile spirit and drink copious amounts of it… responsibly of course. Whether you enjoy it shaken or stirred, neat or chilled, straight or in a cocktail, we’ve got fun facts and a deluge of some of ATL’s best vodka ‘tails to celebrate in style with right here.


FlyBarre Challenge, Week 2: Don’t Be a Skinny Fat Girl


How eating right can take you from flab to fab…

I was always a skinny fat girl growing up. Which is to say, I looked thin and dandy in clothes but lacked any tone or physical ability. I could wear a size 2, but I couldn’t run 2 minutes on the treadmill.


FlyBarre Challenge: Six Weeks To A Better Bod


Our contributor’s journey to look good naked…

Even though I’ve been hearing about the benefits of exercise since elementary school P.E. class, I’ve only ever worked out for one reason: to look good naked. Not even to look good in clothes, because as a fashion writer, I’m well-versed in things that hide my fat: namely, bias cuts, shirt dresses and Spanx.


3 Days in 3 Minutes: Atlanta Food and Wine Festival 2012

3 Incredible Days in 3 Minutes

With just 2 weeks to go, we thought you might need a little reminder for why you need to purchase your tickets to the 2013 Atlanta Food & Wine Festival before they’re all gone!


Interview: Tim Gaddis, Cheesemonger at Star Provisions

Tim Gaddis at the helm

Tim Gaddis at the helm

Say “Cheese”

Everyone in Atlanta (and beyond) knows all about Tim Gaddis…or do they? I had the opportunity to sit down with everyone’s favorite Cheesemonger from Star Provisions for a Q&A session to find out everything from how he got his start in the business (did you know he was a police officer first?), to his current favorite cheeses, and a preview into what he has in store for the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, which comes to town May 30 – June 2, 2013.


High Gravity Cinco


A craft beer, wine, and margarita fest…

Do you like Craft Beer? Do you like Salsa? Do you like Hip-Hop? Yeah, exactly! High Gravity Cinco takes place at the Georgia Freight Depot – a HUGE 25,000 sq. ft. venue featuring indoor and outdoor spaces for you to sip in fresh air or bask in chilling air conditioning.


National Cherry Month with Southern Comfort

coke zero 2l and a soco  bottle against a red, black, and cream background

Celebrate National Cherry Month with these picks…

The Black Cherry designation refers to the mahogany color of the cherry flesh. Just a few varieties have dark skin. The most well known cherry variety is the Bing cherry. Lambert, Chelan, Sweetheart and Tulare are varieties to seek out as they are candy-like sweet, plump and juicy.


Jack Daniel’s Unaged Tennessee Rye


Jack is changing the game…after 100 years.

After 100 years of tradition, Jack Daniel’s changes their recipe (known as the mash bill or grain bill) and introduces a white whiskey, Jack Daniel’s Unaged Tennessee Rye. This limited edition Distiller’s Run is now available in Atlanta.


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