Drink of the Week: Back to School Edition


Allow us to school you…

Perhaps, like us, you’ve noticed a bit more traffic on the roads as of late. Perhaps you’ve been stuck behind a slow-moving school bus. Or perhaps you’ve seen some youngsters scurrying down the sidwalk with backpacks and lunch boxes. Yes, it’s that time of year again, and school is back in session. And what better way to combat that added school traffic than with throwing back a drink or two after work? And for that, we suggest The Lunch Box. It’s an interesting mix of orange juice, amaretto liqueur, and beer — refreshing and delightfully boozy.

The Lunch Box

2 1/2 oz beer
2 1/2 oz orange juice
1 shot amaretto almond liqueur

Mix the beer and orange juice in a glass, drop the shot of ameretto in, then bottoms up! A variation is to mix all three ingredients together in one glass. Either way, it’s pure deliciousness.

Atlanta Spots to Let it Linger


Do you have to, do you have to let it linger? Why, yes.

While bar-hopping all over town is a noble pursuit with many rewards, it can be just as amusing to nestle into one spot for the night and watch how it morphs over the course of an evening. Efficient partygoers know how to fulfill all their debaucherous needs in one place. Settle in for dinner first, then head over to the party side of the joint and get your groove on. Read on for some one-stop spots for all your entertainment needs.


Food Truck Wednesdays in Virginia Highland


Put some umph in your hump day…

You see them all over the place – Virginia Highland, Midtown, Buckhead, Atlantic Station, Woodruff Arts Center. Food trucks are increasingly present, and hopefully even more so in the future. It all seemed to start with the King of Pop’s delicious, gourmet popsicles (and with flavors like chocolate sea salt, pineapple habanero, and tangerine basil, of course they’re popular); but now, food trucks are popping up all over the city and there’s no shortage of variety: Korean style tacos from the Yumbii truck, perfectly cooked fries with numerous toppings from The Fry Guy, Southern-inspired gelato flavors from Honeysuckle Gelato’s truck, every hot dog you can imagine from The Pup Truck, delicious Venezuelan stuffed, griddled corn cakes (called Arepas) from the WOW! Truck, and so much more.


Tales of the Cocktail 2011

I came…I saw…I drank…a lot.

Yes. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was the summer of 2011 in New Orleans, Louisiana. A strong, proud, and steadfast city tested by nature over the years with residents embodying the true testament of resilience in the face of adversity. On this true journey of self-discovery the city welcomed me with open arms and introduced me to a mistress named Tales of the Cocktail.


National Scotch Day 2011

There is no such thing as a bad whisky…

“Some whiskies just happen to be better than others.” William Faulkner couldn’t have been more right. Today the center of the libation world revolves around the best thing to come out of Scotland since The Highlander. That was based on a true story ya know. Yes. I’m talking about Scotch whisky. So raise your glass with me in a toast to celebrate National Scotch Day! Kilt optional.


Terrapin Beer Dinner At Meehan’s Public House

It’s all about corn…seriously.

As part of their summer series, Meehan’s Public House Downtown invited Athens, GA’s Terrapin Brewing Company to host a one-of-a-kind beer dinner.


No. 246 An Italian Food Symphony

un’esperienza bella cena…

As a former Park Slope, NY resident, I can attest to the fact that Brooklyn is practically perfection. Quaint shops, talented artists, pre-war brownstones and of course, incredible food. So when I moved to Atlanta, I needed to find my fix. A neighborhood that embodied all those things, and reminded me of home. But most importantly, that could replace my food cravings. Once you’ve been to Al Di La, you’ll understand what I mean. So when Chefs Ford Fry and Drew Belline announced the opening of No. 246 in Decatur, my interest was piqued.


Drink of the Week: The Pickleback


I’m bringing pickleback…

Ah, the pickleback, quite possibly my favorite shot of all time. What’s a pickleback, you say? Well, it’s a two-part situation: a shot of whiskey, chased by a shot of pure pickle juice. Yes, you heard me correctly – pickle juice. The pickle brine magically blots out any bite you might get from the alcohol, so all you’re left with is the smooth deliciousness of the whiskey and the saltiness of the pickle juice.


National French Fries Day 2011

Reckon I like them French fried potaters.

Now this is one national food day we couldn’t let go by without its just due. Today we celebrate, dare I say, the greatest creation to ever come out of Europe. The French fry.


Atlanta’s Southern Cocktails

Get to sippin’ y’all!

There are two things most every Southerner can appreciate: patio weather and a perfectly mixed cocktail. And while our current 90 degree temps aren’t necessarily the perfect patio weather, what better way to combat this blazing heat than with a cool drink in hand? Head to one of these restaurants and try some of the city’s best Southern-inspired cocktails. One sip and you’ll swear you’re on your grandma’s front porch in a rocking chair.


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