Bomb Beer Explodes Into the Georgia Market

Cut the red wire. Or was it the green one…?

Call in the bomb squad. Oh! And make sure they bring in one of those awkward Johnny 5-esque bomb disposal robots to inspect this package. New York-based Bomb Beer has exploded into the Georgia market and is available for purchase at select retailers, restaurants, and bars in Atlanta, Athens, and Savannah. This traditional Bavarian-style lager was created to target young thrill seekers living life “outside the lines“.
With its headquarters in downtown Manhattan, Bomb Beer draws inspiration from local street artists, X-gamers, music fans, and all around glory hounds. With an ever-evolving and distinctive can design, the current iteration was created by legendary New York City street artist Billy the Artist and utilizes bold colors with elements of classic graffiti. Touting itself as “craft beer without the craft price”, you can pick up a six-pack for around $7. So why Atlanta of all places? Why not expand further into the northeast, Chicago, or even Los Angeles? Bomb Beer president Patrick Carney explains:

After successfully launching in Manhattan, we were seeking to introduce Bomb Beer into another natural market. Atlanta was the obvious choice, boasting a thriving culture of young artists and innovators who are gravitating towards ‘craftier’ beer options.

We’re always excited to see a new beer enter the Georgia craft beer scene. And the street art graffiti-inspired cans are especially boss. These metal canvases are simply screaming for local flavor from some our favorite Atlanta artists like Greg Mike, Catlanta, and Esperanza ATL. Bomb Beer, make that happen will ya.

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