DO Try This At Home: Watermelon Gin Fizz

Watermelon Gin Fizz

Watermelon Gin Fizz

With summer just around the corner, a refreshing cocktail will be at the top of everyone’s list. Read on to learn how to make this tasty libation, and a few others.


I came up with this recipe from scratch, so just eyeball the amounts. Here are the ingredients you’ll need:

  • Watermelon cubes (preferably seedless)
  • Basil
  • Fresh lime
  • Hendricks Gin
  • Ginger Ale

Keep all the ingredients in the fridge so they’re cold once you’re ready to use them. Puree the watermelon and basil together. Strain into a glass, then add a squeeze of lime, Hendricks Gin and top with Ginger Ale. Add a couple of ice cubes and stir. Garnish with basil leaf and a wedge of lime.


Here are some other drink inspirations from the web to try. What will you be making this summer? Let us know in the comments section, cheers!



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