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Elevate your taste in tequila this summer…

Nothing says summer like a tall, refreshing margarita. Thoughts of sitting on a porch or beach with this cold beverage in hand just feels right. Whether you enjoy yours tart with salt encompassing the rim or sweet with a halo of sugar, the most important ingredient to its overall success lies in the tequila used to make it.


Avion Tequila recently hit the Atlanta market competing directly with agave magnates Patrón and Don Julio. You may have noticed the sprawling Avion billboard on I-75/85 simply stating, “Yes, It’s Real.” I originally thought this particular brand of tequila was fictional. If you’re a fan of Entourage on HBO, which I most certainly am, this past season had one of the show’s characters embarking on a new business venture into the realm of tequila, Avion to be exact. So I couldn’t have been more psyched to discover that Avion was in fact real.


I had the opportunity to experience Avion at WET, a monthly series featuring sponsored spirits presented by the W Atlanta Downtown. Avion is smooth and refined without the bite or grimace common in other tequilas. Drinking it chilled straight up was a joy to say the least and I could see myself adding copious amounts of it to my favorite summer margarita. The tequila comes in three varieties: Silver (crisp and clean with hints of grapefruit and pineapple), Reposado (balanced and sophisticated with hints of caramel and vanilla), and Añejo (rich and harmonious with hints of coconut and maple).


Three specialty cocktails spotlighting Avion Silver are featured below. They were instant hits with the partygoers giving Avion Tequila our coveted “Drink of the Week” designation. Be sure to add Avion Tequila to your at-home bar and ask for it by name when you’re out on the town.


Avion French Margarita

  • Avion Silver
  • Fresh Lime
  • Grand Marnier
  • Dash of Sugar


Avion Summer Escape

  • Avion Silver
  • Fresh Lime Juice
  • Muddle Watermelon
  • Drizzle of Honey


Avion G5

  • Avion Silver
  • Elderflower Liquor
  • Fresh Lime Juice

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  • Jdonovo76

    Avion is so much better than Patron it is scary

  • Billy1971

    you are out of your mind !
    this stuff dosen’t even match up to real Tequilas,,come on these tv shows dudes still trying to push this down people’s throats and pull one over on us!

    not buying it

    • Ashpiro

      Low quality tequila. They buy agave from where ever they can and was totally manufactured to trick people o buy an expensive tequila just because it is in a nice bottle……

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