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Eating Well + An Exclusive Brunch Experience Giveaway

Egg + Farro at Ladybird Atlanta

Kale + Egg + Farro at Ladybird Atlanta

When you’ve been writing for a food blog as long as we have, you’ll definitely have your fair share of delicious food. But then some of us (cough, me, cough) will have forgotten to exercise and balance it out along the way with healthier food options. So recently, I decided I had to start taking a more holistic approach to wellness in order to improve my well-being. But the part that worried me the most was substituting the decadent (Boeuf Bourguignon) with the practical (kale salads and steamed salmon) and still being able to enjoy my meal. The question became – can food be good for you and delicious? The answer I’m happy to share is yes! Recently, the team here at Eat. Drink. Repeat. partnered with the Food Should Taste Good®  brand to explore this concept further, and we couldn’t wait to get started.


Happy Valentine’s Day

Courtesy of Anthropologie blog

Photo courtesy of Anthropologie blog

Here are a few of our favorite, simple things to get you ready for this day of love whether you’re a singleton or romancing… Enjoy!


National Cherry Month with Southern Comfort

coke zero 2l and a soco  bottle against a red, black, and cream background

Celebrate National Cherry Month with these picks…

The Black Cherry designation refers to the mahogany color of the cherry flesh. Just a few varieties have dark skin. The most well known cherry variety is the Bing cherry. Lambert, Chelan, Sweetheart and Tulare are varieties to seek out as they are candy-like sweet, plump and juicy.


Thanksgiving Dinner Inspiration

From my family’s table… dishes to inspire a great meal

Every year as many others do, my family and I come together to give thanks around a bountiful table of delicious food. From a small family of 5 to a table that will seat 10 in just a few nights, we’ve tried and tested many new dishes over the years. Recently, we seemed to have found irresistible recipes (or invented a few of our own) and perfected our Thanksgiving dinner. Whether your gathering with your family or friends, here’s some dinner inspiration from our table to yours.


DO Try This At Home: Watermelon Gin Fizz

Watermelon Gin Fizz

Watermelon Gin Fizz

With summer just around the corner, a refreshing cocktail will be at the top of everyone’s list. Read on to learn how to make this tasty libation, and a few others.


Van Gogh Vodka Give A Damn Martini

Frankly Scarlet…we give a damn.

As a part of their Cocktails Without Prejudice Campaign, Van Gogh Vodka is proud to introduce the Give a Damn Martini. The campaign, in conjunction with Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Fund, was launched in 2010 to inspire straight people to “give a damn” about LGBT equality.


Whole Foods Pantry Challenge

It’s no secret that I have lofty goals for being healthier in 2012, and with one month under our belts, I already felt behind. Oh, New Year’s resolutions, how you torment me. So when one of my favorite stores, Whole Foods Ponce de Leon asked if I wanted to take their Pantry Challenge, I was intrigued. With $50 worth of pantry staples, I set off on a healthy eating adventure, and here’s what happened…


DO Try This At Home: Gluten & Dairy Free Chips ‘n Dip

Homemade treats that anyone can enjoy…

One of our good blogger friends @ATLCeliacGirl is seriously allergic to both gluten and dairy. Have you ever tried to find things to eat that are free of both? I’ve tried. It’s not easy. Don’t even get me started on finding options at a restaurant. The food might be gluten & dairy free, but did they cook it in a pan that previously had either of those things in it? Yeah, that makes a difference and can cause serious problems for someone with the disease. So it’s been a fun adventure coming up with healthy alternatives to food favorites with her in the kitchen, including this easy to make, lick-the-bowl-clean good dip.


DO Try This At Home: Tate’s Bake Shop Cookies

Got milk?

The scene: A random day in June. A conversation over cookies erupts amongst the eat. drink. repeat. crew… and, action:


DO Try This at Home: Citrus Thyme Chocolate Toffee


Because everything’s better with butter. Even butter.

If you follow the tweets from @katiemanderson or @whiskawaynic, you probably find yourself craving whatever tantalizing concoctions the sisters are whisking up.  It happened to me just last weekend when I heard mention of a tangerine thyme chocolate chip cookie the foodie duo were selling at the Atlanta Underground Food Market. I decided to try my hand at the flavor combination in the form of toffee (my personal obsession.) Toffee is such a simple recipe, and so easy to tweak. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. Cook two sticks of butter, one cup of sugar, and the zest of two oranges and a lemon over medium heat until it turns a golden, nutty brown, or until a candy thermometer reaches about 300 degrees. Once the butter and sugar mixture is done and has cooled a minute (not too long), add a couple of tablespoons of fresh thyme, then pour into a sheet pan and let cool. Finally, drizzle some milk chocolate on top and devour. The citrus and thyme combination is just heavenly…and very springtimey, for lack of a better (or actual) word. To see what other culinary delights Katie and Nicole are cooking up, check out their website.

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