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Shaken or Stirred: An EDR Guide to National Vodka Day


It’s a celebration!

Your day just got exponentially better. Yes, it’s the start of the weekend (congrats on that), but it’s also National Vodka Day. October 4th is the day to appreciate the world’s most versatile spirit and drink copious amounts of it… responsibly of course. Whether you enjoy it shaken or stirred, neat or chilled, straight or in a cocktail, we’ve got fun facts and a deluge of some of ATL’s best vodka ‘tails to celebrate in style with right here.


National Pisco Sour Day 2013

Pisco Sour

A cocktail day for the “5th white spirit”…

During National Pisco Sour Day visit one or more of the following locations and you be the judge as to who makes the best Portón Pisco cocktail in Atlanta. Seven Lamps and Prohibition – located in Atlanta – have jumped on board offering guests specials on select Pisco cocktails made with Portón, including a Pisco Sour on Saturday, Feb. 2nd.


A Celebration of National Rum Day with Ron Abuelo

Yo ho ho and a bottle…

Now this is one liquor holiday that gets me excited. Well they all do, but that’s neither here nor there. Today we celebrate National Rum Day 2012 with Ron Abuelo Rums. So whether you’re of the Tiki mindset and love your Mai Tais and Swizzles, enjoy lounging on the beach with your Daiquiris and Mojitos, or do things down and dirty with simply a splash of Coke and lime, you’ll definitely want a bottle of this dark nectar by your side.


A Toast to National Tequila Day with Clase Azul

You don’t shoot this tequila…you savor it.

National liquor days are the perfect excuse to celebrate your favorite brands, no matter what day of the week it is. Which is exactly why I’m excited to celebrate National Tequila Day 2012 with Clase Azula Tequilas.


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