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Eating Well + An Exclusive Brunch Experience Giveaway

Egg + Farro at Ladybird Atlanta

Kale + Egg + Farro at Ladybird Atlanta

When you’ve been writing for a food blog as long as we have, you’ll definitely have your fair share of delicious food. But then some of us (cough, me, cough) will have forgotten to exercise and balance it out along the way with healthier food options. So recently, I decided I had to start taking a more holistic approach to wellness in order to improve my well-being. But the part that worried me the most was substituting the decadent (Boeuf Bourguignon) with the practical (kale salads and steamed salmon) and still being able to enjoy my meal. The question became – can food be good for you and delicious? The answer I’m happy to share is yes! Recently, the team here at Eat. Drink. Repeat. partnered with the Food Should Taste Good®  brand to explore this concept further, and we couldn’t wait to get started.


The FlyBarre Finale: What I Lost, Learned and Loved


Skinny fat girl no more…

That’s the total number of inches I lost from the FlyBarre Challenge, which wrapped up last week. It’s a little hard for me to put that number in context. I’ve never done any other short-term, challenge-like fitness programs, so I’m not sure if 9.45 inches is a little, a lot, or somewhere in between.


FlyBarre Challenge, Week 5: The Final Stretch


The end is nigh… or is it?

I have one more week before the FlyBarre Challenge wraps up, but I’m already thinking ahead to what I’m going to do when this is all over.


FlyBarre Challenge, Week 4: And the Bad Habits Return


Don’t call it a comeback…

I thought the worst was over. With three weeks of pulsing, squeezing and dieting down, I started week four of the challenge thinking it’d be downhill from here. After all, I’d become so familiar with the exercises in class I could do them with my eyes closed, and I’d lost 5.5 inches by our mid-challenge measurement–all things that were supposed to be in my favor.


FlyBarre Challenge, Week 3: Getting Past the Hump

Pinching Fat

This “hump” isn’t of the Wednesday variety…

We’re in week three of classes, meaning the initial novelty of the Challenge has worn off, and it’s time to find new inspiration and motivation to get to the mat. Some of us got just that when we saw the results of our mid-challenge measurement.


FlyBarre Challenge, Week 2: Don’t Be a Skinny Fat Girl


How eating right can take you from flab to fab…

I was always a skinny fat girl growing up. Which is to say, I looked thin and dandy in clothes but lacked any tone or physical ability. I could wear a size 2, but I couldn’t run 2 minutes on the treadmill.


FlyBarre Challenge: Six Weeks To A Better Bod


Our contributor’s journey to look good naked…

Even though I’ve been hearing about the benefits of exercise since elementary school P.E. class, I’ve only ever worked out for one reason: to look good naked. Not even to look good in clothes, because as a fashion writer, I’m well-versed in things that hide my fat: namely, bias cuts, shirt dresses and Spanx.


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